With funding (from the European Regional Development Fund) granted as part of the "Area Vasta - Città Murgiana" project and earmarked in the Regione Puglia Fesr 2007-2013 operational plan, the Comune di Altamura and the Soprintendenza ai Beni Archeologici della Puglia have endeavoured to finally provide one of the most sensational archaeological discoveries of recent years with a fitting home.


The new MUSEUM NETWORK, with major projects to the highest European museum standards planned in the spheres of layout and communication, will allow visitors to optimise their appreciation of a prehistoric reality of which their direct experience can of necessity only be both extremely difficult and very limited, yet the excitement and the atmosphere of the discovery will be recreated in full in a museum tour specially devised to conjure up this unique moment in the archaeological history of Italy.


All of these specific features will act as a launching pad bringing a fresh injection of tourists to the Murge area, enabling them to discover a region that is outstandingly rich and dynamic in terms of its landscape, its natural environment, its history and its culinary traditions.


The 6° Settore Lavori Pubblici del Comune di Altamura has commissioned and coordinated two calls for tender, working in close cooperation with:


Soprintendenza Archeologia della Puglia

Luigi La Rocca, Director General

Technical and Scientific Research and Museum Activities Coordinator

Francesca Radina

Protection and Prevention Department Director

Cosimo Milone


Polo Museale della Puglia

Fabrizio Vona, Director

Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Altamura

Elena Saponaro, Director




CALL FOR TENDER 1 - for an overall amount of Euro 828,290 (starting price) for the supply of special museum fixtures and fittings, technological equiment, lighting, illustrations and communication


Project Executor:


BAWER S.P.A. - Via solferino 4 - 70022 Altamura BA (capogruppo)

STARK S.R.L. - Via Dei Finale, 22/24 – 61043 Cagli PU

SIMONE BONI - Via di Novoli 3 – 50026 San Casciano in Val di Pesa FI

STEFANO ROVAI - Viale dei Mille, 18/B – 50131 Firenze FI




CALL FOR TENDER 2 - for an overall amount of Euro 369,400 (starting price) for the supply of hyperrealistic and stereolithographic models of Altamura Man and of his skeleton


Project Executor:

ATI Digitarca Snc - Piazza XX Settembre 104 – 70042 Mola di Bari BA

Università La Sapienza Roma - piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 – 00185 Roma RM

Università di Firenze - Piazza Indipendenza n.8 – 50121 Firenze FI




Sole Project Manager:

geom. Vincenzo Martimucci


CEM OFFICE - Contract Execution Management comprising:

arch. Maria Cornacchia, co-manager


arch. Caterina Natale, co-manager


archeologa Damiana Santoro, external scientific support consultant




Man of Altamura Museum Network:

Palazzo Baldassarre in via F.lli Baldassarre n. 3

Museo Nazionale Archeologico in via Santeramo n. 88

Centro Visite Lamalunga in località Lamalunga SP.157 Altamura-Quasano Km.3