Paleolithic Era

The Altamura National Archaeological Museum has been open to the public with an itinerary entitled "Populating the Alta Murgia in Ancient Times" since 1997.

It houses finds from various digs and discoveries in inner Peucetia and is remarkable for its vast collection of exhibits from major cultural complexes of the prehistoric era.

The display on the second floor sets out to illustrate the Old Stone Age in Puglia, exploring the cultural side of man's history in greater depth and shedding light on Old Stone Age environments and materials from the area's most important sites.  The discovery of a fossilised skeleton in the cave of Lamalunga di Altamura is part and parcel of our exploration of the Old Stone Age in Puglia, naturally focusing on the unique nature of the context in which the skeleton was found thanks to a "full-immersion" tour that uses multi-media technology and reconstructions.  On the basis of solid archaeological evidence, state-of-the-art technology invites visitors to delve into the way prehistoric man is likely to have thought and worked, and how he applied techniques to the manufacture of items for everyday use, ornaments and objects associated with the symbolic sphere.

The exhibition on the first floor is divided into four sections:  Prehistory, the Archaic Era, the Classical and Hellenistic Era, and the Middle Ages. 

Neolithic Era

Metal Era

Archaic Era

Classical Era

Roman-Hellenistic Era

Late-antique Era